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"Stardust"; Clarisse Skye Aguirre, Emily Beattie, Leanne Iacovetta, Jasmine Jawato, Nehara Kalev, Michel Kouakou, Kevin Le, Nguyen Nguyén, Taisha Paggett, David Roussève, Kevin Williamson / David Roussève / REALITY

Contemporary Dance while wildly chasing endurance: an advanced contemporary class informed by release technique
w/ Emily Beatie
Thursdays 9:30-11:00am Ongoing

Each week, we will introduce, explore, and harness a different organizing principle of release technique to expand our experience of contemporary dance. Departing from a focus on functional anatomy, the organizing principles that we will examine will be moving from bone weight, sourcing dynamic support from deep core muscles, a distal release of the limbs, alignment with energetic trajectories, fluidity of sequencing, and the multilevel practice of sensing movement. Every class provides a warm up, sequences training for stability, improvisation, and phrase work.

We will also investigate endurance, this tumultuous state where all these best laid principles
tend to break down.Together we will discuss and engineer tactics to reroute fatigue of the body,
brain, and heart in our dance practice. The class is designed to both set foundations and nudge every mover’s edge. We’ll commit to collectively pursue alchemy between the technical and the imaginative in motion.

TOC projectTOC Project Company Class
w/ Lara Tarini
Fridays 9:30-11:00am Ongoing

A challenging contemporary dance class series focusing on the fundamentals of ballet, modern and improvisational dance techniques. Supportive methodologies such as Laban Movement Analysis, Ashtanga Yoga postures and Pilates core work are employed to help develop the student’s creative process, class description performance skills and overall physical strength and sustainability. This workshop is intended for intermediate/advanced dance artists who are well-versed in the ballet and/or contemporary dance vernaculars. Participants may be selected to collaborate in Tinari’s TOC project company.

Advanced Modern & Movement Lab
w/ Nicole Pierce
Thursdays 6-7:30pm Ongoing

A class for experienced dancers that explores technical challenges through a mix of classical and distinctive movement vocabularies. The warm up focuses on healthy alignment tailored to individual needs, as well as techniques for increasing strength, stability, flexibility, long lines and mental acuity. The bulk of the class (the “lab”) moves through a long phrase of muscular, inventive, textural movement, as well as keen musicality and rhythm. Nicole encourages the exploration of small detail and nuance just as much as the larger picture to shape the individual voice. The end result: you walk out of class not only a better dancer but a better performer as well.

Somatic Movement and Improvisation
w/ Joe Burgio
Mondays 6:00 – 7:30pm Ongoing
  Discover ways of deriving movement by exploring the anatomical systems of the body,  developmental patterns from evolutionary biology, and the energetic of systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga.    The practice works toward an integration of mind, body and space, and will be of interest to passionate movers, the deeply curious, and those seeking the rich simplicity of moving in natural forms.
We will also use our explorations to structure to improvisational compositions, and develop a vocabulary of improvisation for performance.  Pieces worked on in class are presented several times a year at informal showings.  Integrating movement with music is an integral part of the class, and music is drawn from 20th and 21st century experimental and avante garde recordings.  An excellent opportunity to learn about new music, as well as new dance!
Cosmic BrainDancing with People (and your cosmic brain)
w/ Paul Laurey
Tuesdays 9:30 – 11:30am Ongoing
Dancing, dancing, dancing. So many kinds of dancing. Always you dancing. In this class, we will begin with centering practices that activate core sources, kinetic imagination, and curiosity for clarity in movement. Dancing with partners offers infinitely adaptive potential for content and form. We will occupy and enliven various superpositions along the “improvisation” and “choreography” spectrum. Structures, scores, and inquiry are informed by the artist’s sense and cognitive neuroscience’s view of the physiology of sensing, feeling, and action as we creative and evolve our dancing consciousness.