GSS Cleanup Plan

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Step 2: Join us Sunday, Dec. 20 from 10am – 6pm
come when you can, just be sure to tell us (via the form) when so we can strategize.

To rearrange GSS office, dressing rooms, entrance, and hallway space to encourage a more inviting and functional usage.


Splitting the office into to two purposes: Creating a “lounge” area where renters and customers of GSS can be invited to sit and converse, and wait for their upcoming class, event, etc. This as well as providing an area where a GSS workstudy/staff person can greet customers, answer the phone, becoming the “face” of GSS.

The dressing room will serve as a “back office” and a neatly organized archive and storage area for GSS sensitive documents and property.

The hallway will provide immediate information about what is going on at GSS (including a easy to edit schedule on the bulletin board as well as leads to social media and the GSS website).


cleanup plans-front officeThe front area of the front office will be turned into a lounge area where there will be seating, fridge, microwave, small table, couch, and potentially a small throw rug.

The back area near Studio 3 entrance will be the front desk/greeting area. Almost as it is now, except there will be more of a focus on the things the front desk person may need (instead of additional archives and unnecessary furniture and such). All office-related materials will be moved to behind the desk area as to create a more focused space for office-related tasks.

The two supply cabinets will be moved near the entrance way on the left-hand side instead of the file cabinets.   One will be for tech supplies (it will be reorganized) and one will be for renters supplies, first aid, etc.). The file cabinets in the front will be moved to the back office.

There are some questions regarding some things in the space such as the drums in the corner. Who do they belong to? And the fluorescent light bulbs which seem to be used/burnt out: They will be safely recycled if this is the case.


cleanup plans-back officeThe dressing rooms will be transformed/repurposed into a back office/(private) meeting area. A space where workstudies can find quiet and privacy to do GSS-related business. The center divide will be taken down. There will be a shelf installed in the cutout of the wall on the left-hand side: On the shelf will be event-related supplies, archives, and other boxable materials. Underneath will be the necessary file cabinets and additional archival materials.

There will be 2 desks with chairs for workstudies/staff to work as well as seating and a small table to have focused meetings regarding GSS.


The first bulletin board will be reserved for GSS purposes only. A master schedule with small printed cards for each class will be arranged in a weekly view with upcoming events down the bottom. If a class is canceled (for that week) or has changed there will be a small label indicating that status.

In addition there will be information about GSS’ web presence including social media and its website encouraging people to post, a couple of suggested hashtags, and QR codes.

The rest of the bulletin boards will remain the same (in terms of purpose), but will have a more streamlined look and organization.


Methods to rearranging, delegation, and sorting prior to the cleanup day are as follows:

There will be different colored sticky notes denoting categories such as:

  • Move to Back Office
  • Toss/Throw Away/Donate
  • Front Office
  • Find Owner – Undetermined
  • Keep

If anyone in the GSS community know the answer to the undefined, or has an alternate purpose, they can write on the sticky note.

We also came up with a partial “wish list” of things we will need to make the cleanup happen:

  • More boot trays
  • Large shelf for back office
  • Heat source solution for back office
  • leather/plether couch for lounge area
  • bulletin board for front office area for workstudies
  • Tools for use the day of the cleanup in addition to nails, screws, odds and ends.


GSS community members and volunteers are encouraged to sign up for the various committees:

Organization / Tossing
Led by Amy Caine
Responsibilities: Help with organizing small defined areas (inside of storage cabinets, filing cabinets, etc.). Each person or team will choose an area of focus and go for it.
Time Commitment: Day of cleaning for about 2 hours.

Aesthetic / Branding / Signage
Led by Callie Chapman
Responsibilities: Help with the language and placement of signage, schedule, and overall “flow” of communication within GSS.
Time Commitment: Any day leading up to and including day of cleanup for about 2 hours.

Led by Wisty Andres
Responsibilities: Doing what ever is directed. “Move the filing cabinet from here to there.”
Time Commitment: Day of cleanup for about 2 hours
(Light lifting may be required)

Led by Katerine Gagnon
Responsibilities: We have a special place in our hearts for people who are willing to lift things. Transporting unwanted objects out of GSS and welcoming new objects in. For example, we need a couch…Once we track one down (there has been some promising finds on Craig’s List Free) we need a few good (wo)men to ride in a van and transport.
Time Commitment: Day of (or days leading up to) the cleanup for however long you can contribute (minimum 1 hour)

Led by Callie Chapman
Responsibilities: Finding objects we will need through donation programs, yard sales, Craig’s List, sides of roads, or engaging with businesses for donations.
Time Commitment: Before the cleanup day. Whatever time it takes you to find things.


(who attended the planning meeting)

Wisty Andres

Callie Chapman

Katerine Gagnon

Amy Caine





GSS Repertory Classes w/ Performance Opportunities!!!
GSS class card for these classes only (no other GSS classes), $100 a card / $10 a class.
All classes with the exception of Jazz Repertory also accept drop-in’s for $15 general or $12 for BDA members.

Advanced Modern & Movement Lab
w/ Nicole Pierce
Thursdays 6-7:30pm Ongoing

A class for experienced dancers that explores technical challenges through a mix of classical and distinctive movement vocabularies. The warm up focuses on healthy alignment tailored to individual needs, as well as techniques for increasing strength, stability, flexibility, long lines and mental acuity. The bulk of the class (the “lab”) moves through a long phrase of muscular, inventive, textural movement, as well as keen musicality and rhythm. Nicole encourages the exploration of small detail and nuance just as much as the larger picture to shape the individual voice. The end result: you walk out of class not only a better dancer but a better performer as well.

Learn and perform a Nicole Pierce dance in 10 days!-Beginning February 5th Nicole will build a progressive phrase or “rep” element into her class. Those who would like to perform this repertory piece will do so the weekend of April 10-12 at GSS!

Jazz Repertory Class
w/ Adrienne Hawkins
Tuesdays at 6PM – 7:30PM
Beginning January 20th 

This repertory class starting January 20, 2015 is structured to create a work that has the power of Modern, the soul of Jazz, and the spirituality of the Blues put in an emotional context of contemporary life through pure movement.  It’s polyrythmical, fast and fun.   This piece will be created in 12 classes and performed at GSS the weekend of April 10-12.



Afro-Contemporary Dance and Repertory Class
w/ Marsha Parilla
Mondays 9:30AM – 11AM Ongoing
Marsha’s unique approach focuses on organic and efficient movement. The class targets specific elements of anatomy to foster injury prevention, while moving to contagious Afro diasporic beats.
Each class provides floor exercises, across the floor combinations, as well as a final phrase that incorporates the elements explored in class. The final choreography pays attention to flow, musicality, and timing.
A great way to start the week!
Level: Although the class can be adjusted to absolute beginners, some dance/movement experience is preferred.

Somatic Movement and Improvisation
w/ Joe Burgio
Mondays 5:45 – 7:00 Ongoing
 Discover ways of deriving movement by exploring the anatomical systems of the body, embryology, evolutionary biology, and the energetic of systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga.    The practice works toward an integration of mind, body and space, and will be of interest to passionate movers, the deeply curious, and those seeking the rich simplicity of moving in natural forms.
We will also use our explorations to structure to improvisational compositions, and develop a vocabulary of improvisation.   Class participants willing to commit to rehearsals will be invited  to perform in a repertory piece, Time Travel with the Enneagram, to be shown in April 2015 at Green Street Studios.  Participants who are not interested in performing are welcome to work with the material also.